“The artist in me cries out for design.”

Robert Frost

Since its inception in 2002, Maria Nordlund Design Inc. has grown from a small interior design firm to a North American brand. Driven by the signature vision and distinctive spirit of its creator and namesake, the British Columbia based company boasts a diverse range of styles. Maria Nordlund, founder and curator of Maria Nordlund Design Inc, is a Canadian designer creating multi-faceted, residential, commercial, and retail environments.

Maria currently lives in Penticton with her husband Dennis and four children Wynn, Annabella, Andreas, and Mimi. Her influence and vision have enriched design across North America and Europe. An intuitive blend of contemporary and vintage, architectural and organic, Nordlund’s designs cultivate explorative experiences in a multitude of settings.

Her mission is to realize the style and essence of her clients by producing beautiful spaces that embody who they are.

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